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Buy Tiosan Safewater System at showerdoc.com Buy Tiosan at showerdoc.com

Safe. Tiosan® is a disinfectant which has been specifically formulated to allow plumbers and non chemists to perform disinfection of water systems efficiently and safely. It is based on hydrogen peroxide and has recently been granted NSF (worldwide) approval for use in drinking water. It will not cause skin sensitisation or irritation and will not cause eye irritation. It is not corrosive to any water system materials at use concentration. Tiosan® is a unique disinfectant because the water can be used safely while the disinfection is in progress.

Easy to use. In a conventional domestic house situation where the water supply is from a cold water storage tank you simply add 1 litre to the 200 litre (50 gallon) tank and draw the water through to every part of the system by opening all the outlets. If the tank size is only 100 litres (25 gallons) you should be able to do two domestic systems. Tiosan® is detected in water systems using simple easy to use test strips which change colour to dark blue when water containing the correct level of Tiosan® reaches the outlet.

Efficient. A good water system disinfectant has to do three things . It needs to kill Legionella quickly – Independent test show that Tiosan® does. Legionella pneumophila, the only Legionella strain which causes the fatal Legionnaires’ Disease. The chemical also deals with Protozoa which can act as host organism for Legionella and most importantly it deals with the biofilm where Legionella and other organisms can hide. Tiosan® does all of these things and this has been confirmed by independent laboratory testing.

About Legionella

h1 What is Legionella? Legionella is a pathogenic Gram-negative bacterium, including species that cause Legionellosis or Legionnaires' Disease, most notably L. pneumophila. It may be readily visualized with a silver stain. Legionella is common in many environments, with at least 50 species and 70 serogroups identified.
The side-chains of the cell wall carry the bases responsible for the somatic antigen specificity of these organisms.
The chemical composition of these side chains both with respect to components as well as arrangement of the different sugars determines the nature of the somatic or O antigen determinants, which are essential means of serologically classifying many Gram-negative bacteria.
- From Wikipedia

Legionella bacteria What causes it? Legionnaires' Disease is caused by a bacterium called Legionella Pneumophila. Legionella is a common microbe and it is generally found in rivers, lakes and reservoirs, usually in small numbers but is only dangerous when present in a water aerosol, which can be inhaled. The bacterium can then enter the lungs where it proliferates causing a severe pneumonia. Pontiac Fever, and Lochgoilhead Fever are lesser forms of the problem caused by other species of the Legionella. Water systems, which allow Legionella bacteria to multiply and also produce an aerosol, are considered as high risk. Legionella multiplies best at temperatures around 37 Degrees C. It dies at temperatures above 60 Degrees C. It is for this reason that hot water in most buildings is held at a temperature above 60 Degrees C and hot water taps are labeled as scald risk.

h3 How can I prevent it? A recent Government sponsored survey has indicated that sporadic (isolated) cases of Legionnaires' Disease are caused by the presence of Legionella in the domestic water system of the patient's home. Legionella is a problem if it gets into a water system and is allowed to proliferate. L8 (HSE Book - Legionnaires Disease Approved Code of Practice & Guidance) gives guidance on how to stop the bug multiplying in water systems. Traditional methods have focused on ensuring that water is maintained at the correct temperature and that systems are disinfected periodically. It is the disinfection of water systems, which has proven to be most problematic as the traditional disinfectants, chlorine and chlorine dioxide are not considered reliable in removing biofilm, and Legionella can persist after a disinfection using these chemicals.

Helpful Information

How does Tiosan work?

Tiosan® is based on hydrogen peroxide, a chemical which is formed in the cells of the human body to protect the cells from attack by bacteria or viruses. Bacteria and viruses are sufficiently clever to mutate to fend off attack by hydrogen peroxide. They do this by emitting enzymes, which prevent the active parts of the hydrogen peroxide from getting through to kill them. In our formulation the silver reacts with the enzymes allowing the hydrogen peroxide to attack the bacteria.

Volume of Tiosan Required:

This table is based on a Tiosan® level which conforms to EC Drinking Water regulations and meets the European norms to kill Legionella. Volume of Tiosan required Remember:
Calculate the nominal volume of the system. Measure the height, length and depth of the tank in metres. Multiply together and this will give a nominal volume in cubic metres multiply by 1000 to bring the answer to litres.

Further reading:

What is Tiosan®?

Tiosan® is a formulation developed in Holland as a disinfectant. The chemical is based on hydrogen peroxide, which has been stabilised and catalysed by colloidal silver in minute quantities. Tiosan® is based on a chemical, which has approval from the Secretary of State for the Environment for use in portable water systems in the United Kingdom. The formulation has proven efficency against biofilm because the formulation can attack biofilm chemically and mechanically. Extensive testing on the continent has shown that a 24-hour treatment at 50 ppm hydrogen peroxide will remove all traces of biofilm and Legionella from a water system. The Safewater System uses 75 ppm to ensure the water system can be used over the 24 hour period. A second treatment 6 months later will ensure that the system remains free of biofilm.

Pricing and ordering information:

Tiosan® is available through www.showerdoc.com website in:
Tiosan® 4 x 5L Tiosan® 4 x 5 litre cans - £204 (£10. 20 / litre)
Tiosan® 1 x 20L Tiosan® 1 x 20 litre can - £168 (£8. 40 / litre)
(Discounts available for bulk orders)

Testing Systems:
Tiosan® TVC Test Box (10 Test Kits) - £36
Tiosan® Test strips (50 strips/box) - £24
Tiosan® Information CD Rom - Testing your knowledge of L8 and
helping you to produce a log book.
- £39.60

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